In-Depth Assessment and DIY Roll-Out Plan

First Step: Initial “Get Inspired” Session 

Together we will cover some or all of the following (depending on the specifics of your business)

  • Your business purpose – why you are in business, your values and vision
  • Current pain points or areas of concern
  • Your short- and long-term goals– Clarity around what this assessment can achieve for yourself and your business 

Second Step: The in-depth cash flow and profit assessment

Using your financial information my assessment includes:

  • An historical review of your financial trends and baseline profitability for up to three years of financial information
  • An analysis of your current financial and business situation to identify areas to be addressed
  • Categorising your historical profit, owner pay, tax and operating expenses as percentages of your real revenue
  • Determining your target allocation percentages for the above categories. These percentages are based on benchmarks of financially healthy businesses with similar turn over.
  • Identifying your transition from the current percentages, to the target allocation percentages, and planning your slow and steady, sustainable implementation over 4 – 8 quarters

Third Step: The “Let’s Get This Happening” 1-1 hand over and strategy session 

You will receive your in-depth cash flow and profit assessment. This will give you undeniable clarity about the cash-flow moving through your business and where all the money is going. You will have in-hand a personalised DIY implementation plan.

During this strategy session we will establish:

  • Specific bank accounts to open for the separate areas of your new cash flow management strategy
  • A set structure for your money management
  • Comfortable, sustainable next steps to make the most of this assessment

Positive benefits of this investment:


  • Total cash flow clarity
  • Empowerment for the way forward, creating new habits to ensure a less stressful and more profitable future
  • Insight into financially healthy businesses in your industry so that you forever know how much your business can afford to pay you, and invest in expenses and growth (without disrupting profitability)
  • The support of a plan you can believe in
  • A model for ongoing profitability and rewarding yourself for all the effort you put in
  • Access to upgrade to the premium package for $4000+GST (for a year of personalised, 1-1 implementation and support)

Not sure which package is right for you?

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