About Iesha

It’s hard to pinpoint when I ‘began’ my self-development journey. Looking back, I can see the seeds of it early on and really, in truth, we’re developing right from the start. A significant, early turning point for me was a near-death, horse accident when I was 11. Side effects from this were causing horrific pain as an 18-year-old, when Life put a homeopath-in-training into my Mum’s life. Working with these adult homeopath students created instant relief from pain that Western medicine had no answers for. This was my first introduction to the ‘alternative’, self-empowering world of natural medicine and healing and I was in awe. Not long after this, I was blessed to meet my first yoga teacher. A Greek grandmother in her 80s, who had discovered yoga for herself in her 70s. Her radiance and compassion is a life-long memory.


Through my 20s and 30s I had a deep desire to understand my body, heart and mind. I had a drive to feel better, to develop authentic confidence and to be in relationships that were honest and mutually honouring. The lack of this inspired decades of learning, growth and development. In learning I love to go as deep as I can, which has led to teacher training in many modalities. I also love to implement for myself and then to share. So, over this time, with each cultural and spiritual tradition I explored, each modality and process I learned, I took the tools deep into my own life. At 27 years old, I became a mother. Parenting has been the most epic, challenging and self-honesty-provoking modality so far. In 2004, when he was 10 months old, circumstances dictated that I needed to be working, so rather than returning to my office job, I took my qualifications in healing and self-empowerment modalities and began Wholistic Vitality. With each new course, training or skill developed, I enhanced what I was able to offer to my clients.

From 2004, through to today, I continue to learn and grow. I recently graduated from a 500 hour yoga teacher training in the Krishnamacharya tradition. I incorporate this timeless wisdom into the wholistic empowerment I offer my clients and often partner with a yoga therapist for those who are interested in the eight limbs of yoga and are willing to really take a deep and transformative journey into themselves.

In no specific order, my qualifications include Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner (with a couple of different teachers and approaches), Wholistic Counselling (yes, I realise this is usually spelled with an H, but I love the idea of Whole, rather than Hole), Qi Gong Instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Ajna Tibetan Healing Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Money Management, Business Cash-Flow Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher. I’ve also done lots of short courses in neuroscience, healing therapies, breath work and self-empowerment techniques.

I am a huge fan of congruent goal-setting. When I use the word ‘congruent’, I mean that your body, heart, mind, and soul are all saying “yes”. In my life journey thus far, I have used the skills mentioned above, to achieve many of my own soul-led goals. From a professional and tangible perspective, these include two albums of empowering affirmations set to original music and two, internationally published self-help books. 

My second child was born in 2008, and I have worked through all these ages and stages of parenting. This is part of why congruent goal setting is so important to me. When people plan for their intended achievements in life-silo’s, they usually create burn out or feel like a failure. I bring the concept of ‘ecology’ to Wholistic Life Coaching. We look at your Whole Life, and set intentions based on how much energy and time you actually have. My work begins with deep respect for where you are, and then, step-by-step we move wholly, with integration and sustainability. This is a no-burn-out zone and honestly (for those of you who think that being pushed is the way to go) working this way we achieve so much more! And, better still, it’s lifelong achievement because it’s been steady and you’ve integrated along the way and made it yours. 

I am also a passionate advocate for personal empowerment. I believe that we are each unique and genius in our own ways and that the journey towards soul-deep happiness and fulfilment begins with a homecoming to the truth of who we are.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. 

I’d love to get to know you and if we meet, please know that All Of You Is Welcome.