Wholistic Coaching

Each human being is unique and therefore you will not find here a snazzily worded description of what your coaching experience with me would be like. What I can wholeheartedly share is that I have the skills and experience to really see you. All of you. In our work, you will be known and deeply understood. I can help you to unpack and make sense of your patterns. I can hold whatever you feel to share of your life experience up until now and support you in fully digesting it. This allows you to release all that doesn’t serve you, releasing any pain or residue and integrating the wisdom. Our work together can be a profound homecoming, if you are, or have been, in life circumstances chosen in disconnect from your true nature. From this foundation of self-knowing and embodied confidence, I can walk the path beside you as you set and achieve aligned goals. 


I will meet you wherever you are along this life-as-a-work-in-progress pathway. You will feel safe with me, to open and see your life (past, present and future) in expanded ways. I can guide you as you de-link from who you thought you ‘should’ be. I can support you as you breathe into this now moment and plot the pathway forward with integrity and authenticity. I will enthusiastically join Team You, bringing encouragement, rock-solid belief and decades of learning and experience to your unique journey of soul-deep happiness and fulfilment.  


Each coaching session or package is designed for the person I am working with. As you know, being human yourself, life is often filled with complexity. My work is a collaboration between you and I, a safe container where You can evolve internally and enhance all of your life circumstances. The results are profound inner shifts and often a metamorphosis in your outer life situation.  

Package options

1. Single 60-minute session

Your investment: $330 AUD including GST. 

2. Transformation for Life

In its original form, this package was a 5-month (twenty session), transformational container. We had weekly, 1-hour sessions along with contact, as needed, in-between sessions. Over recent years, I have opened up that container to allow for the uniqueness of my clients’ processing styles, the shifts in circumstances that take place over time and the intensity of support required. Since opening it up, I have had clients utilise this container over 3 months of intensive and life-transforming work. The situation they were in called for action, innovation and movement ‘right now’ and spreading the sessions out further would not have created the unconscious shifts or life changes needed. I have also had clients book in each session one by one. In this, we allow for the times where meeting weekly is what is needed, and also have the space to spread out further. I have also had many clients who love the 5-month transformational container, so they go with this. 

It is my intention for you to receive maximum synergy and value from our time together, so I no longer pre-determine how you will receive the most from this investment. Generally, the package completes within twelve months, although there has been exceptions, especially for ongoing clients. 


20 session package 

Your investment: $6600 AUD including GST (payment plans available)

3. Congruent Goal Achievement

Originally offered as a 1-session-a-month goal achievement container but, as I wrote about above, I realised that everyone responds to great support in different ways, so I allow the container to be used in the best way possible without limiting how quickly the sessions are used. 


12 session package

Your investment:  $3960 GST (payment plans available)

What package do I need?

The only answer I can give you in this one-way exchange, where I’m sharing and you’re reading is: “It depends”. This is the reason I offer a no-cost discovery call where we get to know each other. I’ll ask lots of questions to dive into the changes you are wanting to create, where you are now and what will be needed if we choose to plot your path forwards together. From this conversation you’ll get a clear knowing of whether I’m the right fit for you and what package will best support your vision being realised.